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What is it? How does the ArtCell work?

The ArtCell is a fully autonomous three-dimensional Artificial Cell with a diameter of 10-20mm (this size at the current level of technology development is possible to obtain). It is equipped with a processor, memory, necessary sensors, optical fibers for sending and exchanging information, a Bluetooth nad WiFi module as well as photovoltaic panels and batteries as a power source.

The cell will be able to move dynamically by having walls equipped with electroactive polymers (EAP) capable of shrinking by current conductivity. Cells will communicate with each other to determine their location and provide structure information. Each of them will receive its programming number, its individual number and local and global coordinates (Cybernetic DNA) in order to precisely define the target and its place in the structure.

About the inventor - civ. eng. Andrzej Pietrzyk

  • A graduate of the AGH University of Science and Technology, major in Mechanical Engineering – an engineer title, as well as a graduate of the Royal Academy in Stockholm – civil (master’s degree)
  • A long-time constructor in the Philip Morris design office, Krakowskie Zakłady Kablowe, Kombinat Drzewny
  • Sweden: Screen printing production plants, prototyping department – constructor
  • Defense industry – Bofors defense concern – rocket weapon constructor
  • Food industry – Tetra Pack concern in Malmo – constructor of machines for the food industry
  • Oil industry – Aker Solution concern in Oslo – constructor of automated drilling platforms
  • A total of 43 years of experience as a constructor, including achievements in the field of inventiveness and innovation
  • The ArtCell Project Leader, owner of patents in 31 countries for this technology
  • Participation of the ArtCell project in prizes, conferences and competitions (including TVP – “Finale of Inventions”)

Current robotics problems

The solution is ArtCell

Application rehabilitation


Application military


Application rescue


Application medicine

Application household goods, recreation

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Vision CyberCell Technology

CyberCell Technology’s vision is robots present in every area of human life, improving its quality by taking over duties, performing dangerous tasks, saving health and life through serving and assisting in everyday human activities in homes, hospitals, stores, in the army, rescue, in the space.



This goal can be achieved by launching a new technology called CyberCell, i.e. cheap, universal, intelligent, reconfigurable robots based on the ArtCell product.

Current status of the project

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